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FTTH Drop Cable
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G657A SM 1 Core GJYXFCH FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KNOFC
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: GJYXCH 1 Core
Minimum Order Quantity: 10km
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden reel with box
Delivery Time: 8-10 working days
Supply Ability: 2000000M/Week
Fiber Count: 1core Fiber Type: G657A2
Strengthened Messenger Wire: Galvanized Steel Wire Outer Sheath Material: LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Packaging: Wooden Reel With Box Application: FTTH
Life Expectancy: More Than 30 Years Operating Temperature: -40°C To+70°C
High Light: GJYXFCH FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable, G657A SM FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable, GJYXFCH SM Fiber Optic Cable

FTTH Drop Cable G657A SM 1 Core GJYXFCH Fiber Drop Cable



FTTH Drop Cable directly connected to their homes, their bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology type are not restricted. The optical fiber unit id positioned in the centre. Two parallel strength member are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied ,then, the cable is completed with a black LSZH sheath.



1. Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property;

2. Simple structure, light weight and high practicability;

3. Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.



1. Adopted to outdoor distribution;

2. Suitable for aerial, pipeline laying method;

3. As FTTH cable,for outdoor horizontal and vertical cabling.


Technical Data: 

 Item Contents Value
 Central strength member Material FRP / KFRP / steel wire
 Central strength member Diameter 0.5mm*2+1.0mm
 Outer sheath Material LSZH
 Outer sheath Thickness 0.5mm~0.8mm


Cable Mechanical characteristic:

  Cable type  Diameter(mm)  Weight
  Tensile strength
  Long/short term
  Bending radius
 Storage temperature
          ( ℃ )
 GJYXCH-1~2         2.0*5.0     22         300/600        20D/10D            -20~+70
 GJYXCH-2~4         2.0*5.0     19         300/600        20D/10D            -20~+70


Mechanical requirements and methods of fiber cable:

Tensile strength10935N, conform to IEC 794-1-E1,While Fiber Strain≤0.33%
Crush2200N/100mm, conform to IEC 794-1-E3
ImpactConform to IEC 794-1-E4
Repeated bendingConform to IEC 794-1-E6
TorsionConform to IEC 794-1-E7
FlexingConform to IEC 794-1-E8
KinkConform to IEC 794-1-E10
Cable bendConform to IEC 794-1-E11
VibrationConform to IEC 794-1
Water penetrationConform to IEC 794-1-F5B
AbrasionConform to IEC 794-1-E2
Temperature cycling testConform to IEC 794-1-F1
Dielectric strength of outer jacketConform to ITU-T Rec.K25

G657A SM 1 Core GJYXFCH FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable 0


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