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What are the specific steps of fiber installation on home wall?




Wall fiber optics, I believe everyone has seen this kind of fiber optic lamps. It is a lighting system composed of reflectors, light sources, color filters and optical fibers. It can emit a lot of colorful and colorful picture effects, which is exciting. Corning Communication Optical Fiber Manufacturer will explain the installation of home wall optical fiber. step.

1. Fiber optic installation

Like some cables that emit light, they can be laid directly through pvc plastic pipes. When installing, keep them as straight as possible, and minimize flexing. If they are bent, they will easily cause bending loss. Usually, the radius of the optical fiber should be It is greater than or equal to 12 times the diameter. If it is an optical fiber that emits light through a line, it is usually laid directly outside the building outside the billboard. The tool is to choose karting or a tie to fix it, but the radius of the bend must be greater than or equal to 20 times the diameter when bending. Pay attention to waterproof measures on the outside of the building.

2. Installation of light emitter

The light-emitting device is usually installed in a place that is convenient for the staff to operate, easy to maintain and not easily accessible. The indoor light emitters can generally be installed directly on the bracket in the electric shaft, or installed in the distribution box with a lock. If it is an outdoor light-emitting device, it can be placed on a stand for outdoor use. It can also be placed in a rainproof box with a lock outside and installed against the wall.

3. Installation of light-emitting terminal accessories

The final installation of the luminous lamp is actually the same as the usual installation method of the lamp. The editor is no longer wordy. Care should be taken when installing the luminous lamp to avoid collision. In the installation process should also pay attention to dust prevention measures.

4. Connection of point light fiber and terminal accessories

Then the point-emitting fiber is usually connected with a dedicated connection kit and the light-emitting terminal. In order to further determine the normal input of the light system, when installing the fiber, you should fully ensure the cleanness of the port accessories and connect the entire connection. Dust prevention measures should be in place during the process.

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The above is the introduction of Corning Communications on the installation steps of home wall fiber optics. Although the fiber optic lighting is very high, you can install it yourself after understanding it. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


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