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  • 光纤光缆必备知识!


    1.简述光纤的组成? 答:光纤由两个基本部分组成:由透明的光学材料制成的芯和包层、涂敷层。 2.描述光纤线路传输特性的基本参数有哪些? 答:包括损耗、色散、带宽、截止波长、模场直径等。 3.光纤非线性对传输会产生什么影响? 答:非线性效应会造成一些额外损耗和干扰,恶化系统的……

  • What are the precautions for outdoor optical fiber installation


    Outdoor optical fiber is a way to provide the best outdoor decorative lighting. Therefore, the selection of optical fiber is based on the number of fiber cores and the type of optical fiber, as well as the use of optical fiber to choose the outer sheath o

  • Causes of communication cable failure?


    Reasons for communication fiber optic cable failure: 1. The impact of lightning The armoring components of the optical cable are all metal conductors. If the power line produces a short circuit or lightning strikes the metal parts, a strong current

  • What types of outdoor optical cables are available?


    Commonly used outdoor fiber optic cable models Outdoor central beam tube light armored optical cable NFC2204 Outdoor central beam tube light armored 4-core multi-mode (62.5\125) m NFC2206 Outdoor central beam tube light armored 6-core multi-mode

  • How to check whether the optical fiber jumper is qualified?


    How to check whether the fiber jumper is qualified? Use the insertion loss tester, first use a light pen to test whether the jumper is light, make sure the fiber is not broken, and measure the indicators. General carrier-level indicators: insertion


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