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Shenzhen knofc communication co., LTD. Is engaged in the manufacture of communication optical cable, optical fiber jumper wire and other optical communication equipment. The company's main product cable, optical fiber jumper.

Optical cable

Our cable products are suitable for aerial GYTS and GYXTW. There are also self-supporting ADSS, GYXTC8S, GYTC8S. GYTA53, GYTY53 and GYTA buried directly. There are also the non-metal optical fiber optic cable GYFTY, ADSS, composite ground cable OPGW etc. Fiber to the fiber optic cable.

Fiber jumper

Our fiber jumper products mainly include Fc fiber-optic jumpers, SC jumper line, ST jumpers, MTRJ fiber jumpers, E2000 fiber-optic jumpers, MPO fiber-optic jumpers.

Well-known brand shenzhen kangning communication through American UL standard certification, eu CE certification, etc. Corning communication has been in technology development, product innovation, quality control, internal management, enterprise development and so on, a series of effective measures, now the company has a large number of skilled technical personnel and experienced management personnel, to lay a solid foundation for the enterprise sustainable development.

"Inheriting excellence and creating a future together", corning communication will continue to focus on customer needs and continuously study and innovate to bring the world's most advanced optical fiber communication products to customers.


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