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(1) the company after-sales service for 24 hours, after the informed user must provide after-sales service, the general question reply in one hour, special problem I promise I will reply within 24 hours of the company, to send someone to deal with, the company immediately sent someone to the on-site service.

(2) the quality problems that exist or occur during the quality guarantee period are confirmed by both parties, and it is my company's responsibility to carry out the proper handling charge for free. The company is responsible for three packages: namely, "repair", "return" and "package satisfaction".

(3) the quality problem caused by user responsibility is confirmed by both parties, and our company will also actively assist in solving the problem and try to meet the requirements of the users.

The ordered products (4) if the user is more than actual need or due to design change the original order products can not continue to use, our company will actively cooperate with the user handling work, reduce the financial burden on the user.

(5) if the user needs to provide technical guidance during the installation and use of the installation, the company will send professional and technical personnel to provide free service to meet the user's requirements.

(6) if the user project is finished and the cable is not used up, the company can assist in the processing of the cable according to the user's requirements.

(7) provide free technical consultation for the whole life, and apply for a lifetime service only after the expiry of the warranty period, except for the use of improper or irresistible force.

Establish user profiles (8), and regularly visit the user, the user written and telephone contact, consult the user comments and Suggestions, advice to users and the quality problem of statistics and analysis, constantly improve the management of the company, further improve the quality of product quality and marketing services, the pursuit of perfection, to meet the needs of users.


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