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What are the precautions for outdoor optical fiber installation




Outdoor optical fiber is a way to provide the best outdoor decorative lighting. Therefore, the selection of optical fiber is based on the number of fiber cores and the type of optical fiber, as well as the use of optical fiber to choose the outer sheath of the optical fiber. So, what are the precautions for outdoor optical fiber installation? May wish to follow the optical fiber manufacturer Corning Communications to find out!

1. When the outdoor optical fiber is directly buried, armored optical fiber should be selected. When overhead, two or more reinforced black plastic outer sheathed optical fibers can be selected.

2. Multi-mode fiber can be used for transmission distances within 2km; relay or single-mode fiber can be used for more than 2km.

3. For vertical wiring in the building, stranded optical fibers can be used; for horizontal wiring, branch optical fibers can be used.

4. When selecting the optical fiber used in the building, pay attention to its flame retardant, toxic and smoke characteristics. Generally, flame retardant and smokey types can be selected in the pipeline and forced ventilation. Flame retardant should be selected in the exposed environment. , Smokeless and non-toxic type.

The above are the issues that Corning Communications considers from the application aspect, and it needs to be flexibly mastered during implementation. In fact, the wiring environment is complex and diverse, and various problems may appear at any time. This requires us to strictly implement the wiring standards during planning and construction. When we encounter problems, we can analyze them flexibly and we will be successfully resolved.

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