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Classification, characteristics and application fields of optical fiber jumper




Fiber patch cord classification:

Optical fiber jumpers can be divided into common silicon-based optical fiber single-mode and multi-mode jumpers according to different transmission media, and other optical fiber jumpers such as plastics as transmission media; according to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into: FC Jumpers, SC jumpers, ST jumpers, LC jumpers, MTRJ jumpers, MPO jumpers, MU jumpers, SMA jumpers, FDDI jumpers, E2000 jumpers, DIN4 jumpers, D4 jumpers, etc. form.

The more common fiber optic jumpers can also be divided into FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, SC-ST, etc.

Single-mode fiber (Single-mode Fiber): Generally, the fiber jumper is indicated by yellow, and the connector and protective cover are blue; the transmission distance is longer.

Multi-mode Fiber (Multi-mode Fiber): Generally, fiber jumpers are indicated in orange, and some are indicated in gray. The connectors and protective covers are in beige or black; the transmission distance is short.


1. Low insertion loss

2. Good repeatability

3. Large return loss

4. Good mutual insertion performance

5. Good temperature stability

6. Strong tensile performance

Fiber optic patch cord products are widely used in: communication room, fiber to the home, local area network, fiber optic sensor, fiber optic communication system, fiber optic connection transmission equipment, national defense combat readiness, etc. It is suitable for cable television network, telecommunication network, computer optical fiber network and optical test equipment.

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