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On the eve of 5g, optical fiber enterprises are dormant and waiting for the market to start




Optical fiber occupies an important position in network infrastructure. With the popularization of 5G technology, many domestic technical forces in the optical fiber field have also joined. The optical fiber and cable industry has attracted more and more attention from the market, which has also made market competition more intense.

However, before the deployment of 5G is not yet mature, fiber optic companies still need to experience a period of painful transition from 4G to 5G.

While the 5G Internet of Everything will bring data growth exponentially, it will also inject momentum into the development of the Industrial Internet. Today's enterprises are facing difficulties such as resource competition, technological challenges, and imbalance between supply and demand. Digital transformation is a key way to break through these bottlenecks and realize value creation.

The ultra-high speed, ultra-large bandwidth, and ultra-low latency of 5G networks will bring qualitative changes in communication efficiency to various industries from the industry to the consumer sector, and give birth to new applications such as unmanned driving, smart factories, and telemedicine. Scenes.

Fiber optic products also play an important role in 5G network transmission. Because when people use wireless networks to chat, work, watch movies or play games, each wireless node is actually connected to each other through a large number of optical fiber networks.

With the continuous expansion of wireless access points in 4G and 5G networks, more and more optical fibers will be needed to meet the increasing demands of these networks. Nicolas Gisin, a professor at the University of Geneva, told the CBN reporter: “5G means more and higher-speed network communications, that is, more wireless connections, such as autonomous driving and remote control, which require more Fiber to meet the connection."

At the same time, 5G bearer networks also pose new challenges to fiber optic cables. Aiming at the characteristics of centralized 5G bearer network architecture, cloud-based large-bandwidth network, and high network efficiency, YOFC released a new strategy that will provide coverage from backbone network to access through 5G high-density and large-bandwidth access The entire series of optical fiber products of the network form a 5G end-to-end full-scene connection solution.


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