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Communication Optical Fiber Cable. Communication optical cable is composed of a cable core and outer sheath composed of several (core) optical fibers (generally from a few cores to several thousand cores). Compared with the traditional symmetrical copper circuit and coaxial copper circuit, optical fiber has a much larger transmission capacity; less attenuation; long transmission distance; small size; light weight; no electromagnetic interference; low cost. It is currently the most promising communication Transmission media. It is being widely used for signal transmission in various sectors such as telecommunications, electric power, and broadcasting, and will gradually become the main body of the future communication network. The main difference between the optical cable and the cable in structure is that the optical cable must have a strengthening member to withstand the external mechanical load to protect the optical fiber from various external mechanical forces.

Communication optical cable has a series of advantages such as larger transmission capacity than communication cable, long relay distance, small size, light weight, and no electromagnetic interference. There is a tendency to gradually replace communication cables.

Shenzhen Corning Communication Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and R&D of communication optical cables, optical fiber jumpers, and other optical communication equipment.

Fiber optic patch cord products mainly include Fc fiber patch cords, SC patch cords, LC patch cords, ST patch cords, MTRJ fiber patch cords, E2000 fiber patch cords, and MPO fiber patch cords.


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